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I have been doing art since i was a kid. I started off with sketchbooks and painting. As an adult i learned how to use photo editing programs to create art. Now all of my artwork is created with photoshop and a wacom tablet.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome to my free and custom graphics blog!

I decided since I have been creating these things for a while mainly for myself and friends that I should expand on that and start making things to share with the public. I will offer free graphics as well as an option for something custom.

Custom graphics can be icons,banners,blog headers,facebook covers,VampireFreaks profile layout backgrounds(seen in my sample section). Non animated icons are 1.00 and everything else is 1.50.

To get your custom graphic selected the appropriate price under the Paypal Payment,then follow instructions in the request section on this blog.